Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012


Make a commitment to INFUSE CREATIVITY into every part of your daily life!

Janet Prince Jan 9 2012

How do I do that you may ask?

Well that is a good question, each of us have different lives, some work in
offices, factories, on the road, at home, retail, so many different places we
work and together we make up the world we live in.

Putting some creativity in your life each day will help break the bordem if you
are feeling that way, it will help create a bright spot in your day.

If you work in a factory you may come home at night and want to just sit, and
relax however if you take up cooking it will get you being creative and the
outcome is a great dinner, or not :( it all comes with practice, cooking or

Or you may want to come home and write in your journal, or your online blog, or
just on a chalk board in your kids room :)

Where we work determines how we feel, working in retail you may come home and
ready for quiet, with on one around ...put on your favorite music and relax with
a glass of wine, for a bit until you get ready for your night time chores.

If you are on the road you dont see your family or friends so while staying in
hotels/motels bring some things that get your creative mind going, maybe reading
a book or drawing

Its not about being perfect at it or even good its about allowing yourself the
time to open up to that creative side.

Who cares if its good, ah....but we are all taught from a very early age that it
has to be perfect and if it isnt well then its just best to throw it out or not
continue to persue it ...which is a load of crap.

I may not be a very good writer, you know puncuation, run on sentences, etc etc
but i dont care, I write from my heart and I write in a free writing style
impromtu and off the cuff
So if I can do it and let go why do you give it a try.
I write like I am sitting across the room from you or accross the table from
you. Not like your reading it but how I would say it to you.

Its not about being perfect its all about just feeling it and creating it.

INFUSE CREATIVITY in your daily life it will be a welcome change and you will
feel so much better!

Have a great day and have some fun! :)