Saturday, October 29, 2011

What I create

First a bit of background or history about me and my artwork.
Back when I was 15 years old I had some colored pencils and paper, so I began to put the pencil to the paper and do all kinds of squigley lines and with different colors the paper was the normal 8.5x11 inches
I did quite a few of them some had rhythm and some had fluidity but over all it was pretty abstract art.

Some one told me to take them down to the local health food store in the town I lived in after some thought I did, I got on the bus with them under my arm in a bag and went in to the store and asked to speak to the manager. He came out and I asked him if I could show him my art work, he stood there and looked at me in a funny kind of way, probably thinking himself ...girl this is a health food store not a art gallery, but very politely he said art work, sure I will take a look.

I was shocked and happy all at the same time, so I took it out of the plastic bag it was in or maybe it was paper ...hmm I can't remember that far back...:) anyway I got it out of the bag and he took it over to a table and set them all  out and went over each one, himming and hawing ....and sometimes silent ..well most of the time silent.

He then looked over at me and said I will take them....I looked at him, thinking what? What did he say, he said he would take them...I said to him you will take them. He said yes I will take them.
Of course it was on consignment, he told me where he would put them, he would string a wire across the store from one side to the other, and then hang them with clothespins and what would I like to charge for them? he asked

What ...????? What would I like to charge for them, oh god I don't know I was thinking, so then I said to him I have no idea what do you think? He said well for originals and one of a kind what about $5.00
$5.00 ....$5.00.....$5.00 over and over in my mind, would they pay that for them? Well he said if they don't I guess we can drop the price a bit then. I said so what do you get then and what is this consignment?

He went on to explain what consignment was and he said that after all I did the work and I asked him
so what about a 80/20 split. Hesitently I asked who gets what? Oh he chuckled and said I get 20% you get 80% so if it goes for $5.00 you get $4.00 and I get $1.00 okay great I said so its a deal.

Well I got back on the bus happy and I could not believe what just happened. The weeks went by and I wondered why I had not heard from him. Then I remembered I did not even give him my phone number or name for that matter, god what was I thinking, its because I was so excited so I went back down the health food store and walked in and looked up and there was nothing up there, the wire was there but no artwork.
I thought sure no one bought anything and was ready to leave and he walked up to me and said hey there you are. I said ya so do you have my artwork since I don't see it up there, I guess no one liked it eh?

He said what is your name, and your phone number I did not get it the last time, I gave him the information and asked if I could have my artwork, I was preparing my self to go home and throw it out.
He looked at me ...with a weird look, your artwork he said?
I said yes where is it, I will take it and be on my way and thanks for wanting to help me.

Just wait a minute he said, you think we did not sell any because you don't see it hanging right?
I said yes, he said well we did sell it .....all of it!

I have your money in a envelope in the drawer in the back room just a min, do you even know how many pieces you had he asked? I said no idea I just did them and brought them down to you

It seems you had 16 pieces of artwork, and people came in and loved it and bought it here is your money!

He was so excited and he asked when I could bring more in, I did for a while a few months and then the store closed ... not moved but closed

That year was 1970 and I had my first art show!!!!

Next I went on to make and create more artwork

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