Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspiration for Art every day/funontheweighdown

Good Day to all my readers out there in internet land

Yesterday while I was over in our storage unit, its climate controlled which is great because 90% of my
library is over there its on shelves of course, easier to get at. We were moving things around sorting out things to get rid of and things to take to our cabin I happened to glance over at my library and what caught my eyes was my I-Ching workbook and book about the I-Ching, and I saw that in my art work for my weight reduction story and what we become or at aleast what I became as I reduced the weight.

There are 64 I-Ching signs/cards I will only use the ones that I feel pulled to intuitvely as I always so.

The first I-Ching card that I felt pulled to is this one number1!
It lookes like this  I cant seem to get it on this editor so I will describe it to you
it has SIX straight lines, 6 lines and the meaning is this..........


Heaven, Creative power, Actions now will significantly affect your life , Timing is important as well as discipline, and integrity, Consistent action joined with strength of character will bring good fortune,
Stay true to your own nature.

I never really thought anymore about the I-Ching  yesterday after we got back home, then this morning while I was having my morning coffee I remembered I had I-Ching cards I have not used them in  about ten years so they were in the back  of my mind.

I dug them out and put them all in order and the first one I pulled was the Number 1 card.
So from that I will be doing my first art piece and my first bit  of writing for  my weight reduction journey book, I hope you will stay with me on this journey I invite you to join me all the way and also
gather information about your own life along the way.

Enjoy this last day of October as we move into the holiday months of November, December and a few days in January.


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