Monday, February 1, 2010

Motivate and Inspire Daily- MAID

In my weight reduction journey, I have come to realize that I love to Motivate and Inspire people to do the same thing. When they come to me and ask me how I will tell them what I have done, well some of what I have done.

One of the very first things I did was to write a page of the TEN REASONS why I want to reduce

these are my TOP TEN!

1) My Blood Pressure will be lower! from 162/82 to 100/60
2) My Joints will thank me for it! they have
3)I will Feel better! I do
4)I will have control over Food/Fatbug (Fatbug is like your chattering monkey) I DO!
5)My Health will be Much better! it is!
6)My LDLand HDL will have better numbers! They do!
7)My Cholesteral well be lower! and it is !
8)Triglycerides will be lower! it is !
9)I will be able to do more! I do! swim,walk,mini trampoline, workouts 3x a week
10)I will have alot more energy! and I DO!

these are my TOP TEN reasons to reduce my weight what are yours?