Saturday, March 4, 2017

Introducing The Help File, First Help Yourself, then Help Others

This Help File will be each week on Thursday. With lots of new ideas and tips about weight reduction, I have been overweight most of my life. In 1981 I reduced to 129 from September of that year to December the starting weight was 199. I was so happy, I felt so much healthier, I was more confident I was successful at keeping it off until about 1988, when stress from a marriage caused me to go back to my old way. Now I had been creeping up from 129 to over 200 but very slow. I was still wearing a size 10 then and I felt ok. So from 1988 to 2007 it was just one thing after another, you know they say when life hands you lemons make lemonade.... ya well I did not make lemonade, I made cakes, tarts, pies, chips, you get the picture, the old addiction had come back. I had a back problem from May of 2000-2007 I pulled all the muscles in my back from my right shoulder to left hip....the chiropractor told me that all I could was stand, sit or what do you think I did? Of course...I ate, out of boredom, fear, especially from 2000-2003 and more it always gets worse before it gets better in natural health, so those years, those were the worst years and that was before my chiropractor came into my life.... I thought it would heal on its own, when I began getting treatments, I was in severe pain, and all the while just standing, sitting or laying, he told me it would take about 7 years to heal through chiropractic adjustments. And he was 2007 I began to feel like myself again. more on this later, which really is another story...... I call it an addiction because basically that is what it is. Oh you can sugar coat you want but really, You are self medicating with food, instead of drugs, or cutting or anything else we humans do to ourselves. At times it might be hard to accept that we EAT for comfort, not normal eating but OVER EATING, trying to satisfy something deep within. I can tell you from experience that no matter how many of those cupcakes, pies, tarts, buns,donuts, chips, chocolates, it simply does not work. And then there are those who wont look in the mirror, because, what they see in their heads is not what appears in the mirror. We can talk ourselves into anything, the rational mind is the leader at that. It can be something so bad for us, but our mind can get us to believe its ok. JUST THIS ONCE! Everything I am speaking about in this post and subsequent ones I have gone through, I know most if not every trick in the book for kidding ourselves about our weight. So its not just having the extra weight on, but the health issues and problems that stem from it. I see something very unreal happening out there, in the ads and in society, we are being fed one lie after another, they are trying to get us to accept that being overweight and obese is ok, and that its okay if we get like that. I am thinking all the while, the major health problems that will come from it, (of course I know that being your normal weight is not a guarantee you are healthy) what I am saying is that being overweight comes with many issues, self esteem, self deprecating, self loathing, and we are to accept this? I also agree that you should not hate yourself if you are overweight or obese, but should you not love yourself to look after yourself and provide good role models for your children. Oh you can joke, deny, kid, all you want but at the end of the day you are still overweight, not feeling the best you can feel. Your joints are aching, your organs are not working properly from the excess weight. Ok that is enough of that for today its the HELP FILE.... From my years of experience with weight, and all the feelings and emotions that go with it, I will be providing the HELP FILE.... I will share what has helped me along this road, and maybe it can help you too! TO BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!!! Lets have fun on the weigh/way down!!!! Janet

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A new year! a new day! maybe a new me?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hi, its been a while lots has been happening, I have moved into a new house, and with all the things that go with that, I'm hoping I can write each day on my different blogs, and that you will enjoy them and bring your friends! Well weight reduction (loss) is a big exclamation mark in my life, I have done it twice now, first time when I was 26 I went from over 200 pounds to 129, and held it for couple of years. Then again at 53 went from over 325 (sore back, no movement)I gained lots of weight then, I went from 325 to 125 and held it for about 6 months and then my girlfriend and I were in a accident with a transport truck, and then I found out about Cortisol the weight gain stress hormone, and I gained 7 pounds overnight. That was in 2008 and I was told my thyroid was not up to par, so they put me on some medication for it. I lost the weight, like I did when I was 26. That is the thing, I never had any signs or indication that my thyroid was not working right. Now in 2016 my physician put my medication up to 75mcg, and of course I lost weight, but....I did before too. There is a big checklist for signs about thyroid problems I do not have any of them, but my numbers say I have a problem. Of course with a not working thyroid, because it affects everything in your body your blood pressure goes up too, but in 2008 my B/P was 120/80 with 50mcg of thyroid medication. The medication was put up to 75mcg and my blood pressure went up too, huh? I was wondering what was going on perhaps it is white coat syndrome, since I am not to fond of doctors, I have always thought that my health should be my responsibility, so I have been thinking about it for a while now and I just don't like the fact that you have to take this medication for the rest of your life. Side note--- when I was young for a treat I would eat DULSE, a seaweed product...intuitively I knew. So I have been researching my thyroid medication and it turns out that it can in fact put up your Blood Pressure!!! what do you know my intuition is right on again. I think I am not going to take it any more and start with coconut oil, and iodine, and other things to bring my body back to homeostasis, Well what do you think? More later.... Janet Wood,

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012


Make a commitment to INFUSE CREATIVITY into every part of your daily life!

Janet Prince Jan 9 2012

How do I do that you may ask?

Well that is a good question, each of us have different lives, some work in
offices, factories, on the road, at home, retail, so many different places we
work and together we make up the world we live in.

Putting some creativity in your life each day will help break the bordem if you
are feeling that way, it will help create a bright spot in your day.

If you work in a factory you may come home at night and want to just sit, and
relax however if you take up cooking it will get you being creative and the
outcome is a great dinner, or not :( it all comes with practice, cooking or

Or you may want to come home and write in your journal, or your online blog, or
just on a chalk board in your kids room :)

Where we work determines how we feel, working in retail you may come home and
ready for quiet, with on one around ...put on your favorite music and relax with
a glass of wine, for a bit until you get ready for your night time chores.

If you are on the road you dont see your family or friends so while staying in
hotels/motels bring some things that get your creative mind going, maybe reading
a book or drawing

Its not about being perfect at it or even good its about allowing yourself the
time to open up to that creative side.

Who cares if its good, ah....but we are all taught from a very early age that it
has to be perfect and if it isnt well then its just best to throw it out or not
continue to persue it ...which is a load of crap.

I may not be a very good writer, you know puncuation, run on sentences, etc etc
but i dont care, I write from my heart and I write in a free writing style
impromtu and off the cuff
So if I can do it and let go why do you give it a try.
I write like I am sitting across the room from you or accross the table from
you. Not like your reading it but how I would say it to you.

Its not about being perfect its all about just feeling it and creating it.

INFUSE CREATIVITY in your daily life it will be a welcome change and you will
feel so much better!

Have a great day and have some fun! :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspiration for Art every day/funontheweighdown

Good Day to all my readers out there in internet land

Yesterday while I was over in our storage unit, its climate controlled which is great because 90% of my
library is over there its on shelves of course, easier to get at. We were moving things around sorting out things to get rid of and things to take to our cabin I happened to glance over at my library and what caught my eyes was my I-Ching workbook and book about the I-Ching, and I saw that in my art work for my weight reduction story and what we become or at aleast what I became as I reduced the weight.

There are 64 I-Ching signs/cards I will only use the ones that I feel pulled to intuitvely as I always so.

The first I-Ching card that I felt pulled to is this one number1!
It lookes like this  I cant seem to get it on this editor so I will describe it to you
it has SIX straight lines, 6 lines and the meaning is this..........


Heaven, Creative power, Actions now will significantly affect your life , Timing is important as well as discipline, and integrity, Consistent action joined with strength of character will bring good fortune,
Stay true to your own nature.

I never really thought anymore about the I-Ching  yesterday after we got back home, then this morning while I was having my morning coffee I remembered I had I-Ching cards I have not used them in  about ten years so they were in the back  of my mind.

I dug them out and put them all in order and the first one I pulled was the Number 1 card.
So from that I will be doing my first art piece and my first bit  of writing for  my weight reduction journey book, I hope you will stay with me on this journey I invite you to join me all the way and also
gather information about your own life along the way.

Enjoy this last day of October as we move into the holiday months of November, December and a few days in January.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trees with sun thru them,

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Sun is shining!
This picture was taken out my patio door in the fall of this year, the sun made an
appearance so I made sure I took its picture.